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Bleeding Disorder


Human immune globulin therapy is used for the treatment of immunodeficiency, prophylaxis of infectious diseases, and in the management of a variety of other inflammatory and autoimmune disorders. IGG contains natural antibodies that help protect your body against infections. There are two main routes of administration: intravenous (IV) and subcutaneous (SC). A third route is intramuscular (IM), although this is uncommonly used, except for hyperimmune globulins (eg, rabies immune globulin).

Intravenous gammaglobulin (IVIG or IGIV) is administered intravenously. It is ordered by your physician. Dosage is weight-based and given once a week to once a month. It is used to treat the following:

1) Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder (PIDD)
2) IdiopathicThrombocytomenia Purpura (ITP)

Products available:
  • Baxalta
    • Gammagard S/D
    • Gammagard Liquid
    • HYQVIA
  • Bioi Products Lab
    • Gammaplex
  • Biotest Pharmaceutical Corp
    • Bivigam
  • CSL Behring
    • Carimune NF
    • Hizentra
    • Privigen
  • Grifols
    • Flebogammon DIF
    • Gamunex - C
  • Kedrion
    • Gamaked
  • Octapharma
    • Octagam

Subcutaneous IGG shots are used primarily to boost your body’s immune response in people with a weakened immune system. IGG is given slowly by injection under your skin. It is ordered by your physician. The dosage is weight-based and is usually given once a week.

Subcutaneous IGG is used to treat the following:

1) Absence of gammaglobulins in the blood
2) X-linked Agammaglobulinemia
3) Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder
4) Common Variable Agammaglobulinemia
5) Aldrich Syndrome
6) Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease

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